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Interactive Fiction Links We Really Like

The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation

The Interactive Fiction Database

Hadean Lands

Its mission to "help ensure the ongoing maintenance, improvement, and preservation of the tools and services crucial to the creation and distribution of interactive fiction", the IFTF has been founded by a group of IF luminaries to promote and aid IF developers and readers everywhere. This is seriously awesome.
A Database of all Interactive Fiction, ever. More or less. Thousands of amazing games to play and read. For free! Some of our favorites are:
Midnight. Swordfight , by Chandler Groover : A midnight challenge from a countess. Beautfully written. Many endings.
Birdland , by Brendan Hennessy : Dreams bleeding into reality during a pre-teen summer camp. Needs to be experienced.
Brain Guzzlers From Beyond , by Steph Cherrywell : Heh. We love this. A sweet, funny, and well written IF with light puzzles.
Metamorphoses , by Emily Short : Mike's favorite IF game. A slave girl undertakes a mission for her master. Evocative, clever and wonderfully written.
Probably the most important work of modern parser Interactive Fiction, Hadean Lands, by Andrew Plotkin is a wonderfully designed puzzly text game set aboard a marooned alchemical spaceship. 

Buy it here on Steam. Or here on

Emily Short's Blog

Sub Q Magazine

Author of a ton of amazing and seminal Interactive Fiction games  like Counterfeit Monkey and Floatpoint , Emily Short writes about IF, Games, theory and narrative.
Sub-Q is a magazine promoting Interactive Fiction in all its forms. Every Tuesday, the editorial team publish an IF work. And they are awesome. Most Sub-Q works are short form and can be digested in 15 minutes or so.

Everything is free. They stay alive through contributions. Go premium here

Choice of Games

A professional, text-based games company, CoG has produced some awesome Choice based games. We really like - 
The Sea Eternal by Llynea Glasser - Winner of the 2013 IF Competition, with Coloratura , Llynea's new work is an epic, enchanting underwater fantasy.
Or if you are in the mood for something more historical, there's Choice of Alexandria by Kevin Gold. Can you save the ancient Library of Alexandria?

The Digital Antiquarian

Jimmy Maher, author of the wonderful Lovecraftian Interactive Fiction game The King of Shreds and Patches , writes a blog about the history of interactive narratives and gaming in general. 

Fallen London

This is, if we're being honest, probably one of the reasons that the development of Worldsmith is not progressing as quickly as it should. Fallen London, by StoryNexus is an addictive interactive multi-player world set in a London that never was. Full of well-written stories and experiences.

Inkle Studios

Inkle make beautfully designed interactive narratives. Like 80 Days by Meg Jayanth. Or the new Sorcery ! based on Steve Jackson's work. 

Play them. They're genius.

Oh, and they also provide a CYOA development platform called inklewriter . It's free. 


This looks like it will be amazing. Bruno Dias, author of the brilliant cyberpunk super-hero dystopia  Cape , is developing a futuristic space trading interactive fiction platform that looks like it will be released in Q4 2016.

We can't wait.