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The Tagides Rings, holding the Septem tower steady in the Manifold, are approaching perfect aphelion. Four apprentices remain but only one Worldsmith will be given the robes of the craft. It all comes to this.

The Workshops are prepared. Come, apprentice. It is time to create your masterspiece. It is time to build worlds.
Worldsmith : An Interactive Fable

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Interactive Fables 
We write exciting, innovative and accessible text based games. What else can we say?

What is an Interactive Fable?

An interactive Fable is a text based game that allows you, the player to explore worlds, solve puzzles, interact with other characters and experience a compelling story by clicking on and typing in commands.

An Interactive Fable is the best eBook you have ever read. Because, when you play one of our Fables, you make the decisions. 


Our first game, Worldsmith, a feature length interactive fable, will be released on August 15th 2016. Explore the Worlds of the Smith and the Septem Tower. It has held steady in the Manifold for billenia - but will it for much longer? Undertake the testing and find out just what it means to be a Worldsmith. We're kind of excited about this.

Worldsmith BLOG
Worldsmith has been released on Check out our development blog for all the latest news, developments and previews.